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Celebrating 60 Years!








Specials For the Week of

March 21st - March 25th

Our Own Famous Fresh Store Ground

½ and ½ Ground Beef 

(½ Chuck and ½ Round)

85% lean Reg.

Now ONLY $7.49/lb. 

Bulk Fresh price 10 lbs. or more $6.49/lb.

Freezer wrapped 10 lbs. or more $6.99/lb.


Beef Bone in

Shin Soup Meat 

This week 25% off. 

                   Now $6.67/lb.                    


Thor's Hammer 

For the smoker 

20% off

Now $7.91

Check it out on the web!


Penn Dutch Chicken Wings  

Vegetable & Grain fed

non injected no animal byproducts

This week only $3.99/lb. 


Penn Dutch Full Racks

Baby Back Spare Ribs 

Vegetable & Grain fed

(A non injected product)

This week $6.99/lb. 

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