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Specials for the Weekend 

of Sept 5th - Sept 9th

Freezer Beef: USDA Prime

Boneless Shells of Beef with Tail


Buy 2 $16.49/lb.

Buy 3 or more $15.99/lb.

Buddy up with some friends and & save even more!

Approximate cutting loss 20% 

Approximate gross weight 18.-26 lbs. 

At 3/4 inch cuts one shell yields approximately

14 steaks with tails cut for beef stew or ground meat (your choice), approximately 4-6 lbs. worth


Meat Factoid:

These steaks have many names that confuse people. We call them shell steaks. They are also known as strip steaks, Delmonico steaks, New York Strip steak or New York Sirloin. Some restaurants want you to think you are getting this cut and sub it with another. 

USDA Prime Shell Steaks over the counter trimmed sell for $38.89/lb.

Penn Dutch Boneless Chicken Breasts


All Natural, Vegetable & grain fed, No animal byproducts

Split and Trim Now $7.42/lb. 

Split and Flattened Now $8.92/lb.

Freezer wrapping no extra charge 

Please call ahead.


We sell supplies to make your own homemade wine! If you’re making wine this year all orders must be in by Wed Sept 13th


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