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For the week of 1/14 - 1/18


17 th Annual Freezer Special Sale :

Hip of Beef

Custom cut and freezer wrapped.

Hip of Beef average weight 30-42 lbs. @ $6.29/lb.

Buy 2 $6.19/lb. Buy 3 $6.09/lb. Buy 4 $5.99/lb.


Approximate cutting loss of 35-40%

We did a test and this is what you get:

EXAMPLE: A 31.00lb hip @ $6.29/lb. costs you $194.99

Sirloin Steaks---------13.48lbs

Filet Mignon-----------2.16lbs

Ground Beef-----------4.41lbs

Total retail price--------$326.49

Your cost-----------$194.99 or $185.69@ $5.99

You save-------------$131.60-$140.80

That’s approximately 40-43%- OFF!

Network With Some Friends, Relatives, Coworkers and Get The Best Price 

Pork Cutlets


Tender, Extra Lean, No Fat, No Gristle

Approximately 6 pcs per lb.

Homemade Hard wood

maple smoked Keilbasy

Now $6.89/lb.

No fillers or MSG ever.


Stuffed Penn Dutch Pork Chops

NOW $5.99/lb.

 Homemade stuffing. Fresh frozen 2 per package.


Penn Dutch Country Slab Bacon  

Cut to Order

$6.99 /lb. 

5lbs or more $6.49/lb. 

no extra charge for freezer wrapping


  Pickled or Creamed Herring

this week $3.99 while supplies last